Friday, March 15, 2013

NFL Changes Rules on Contact
Still under consideration are requirements that linebackers wear pink jerseys and corner backs and the safety wear tutu's and ballet slippers.  And in other reports, Knute Rockne's grave has been emitting seismic tremors as it appears he is spinning at a high rate of speed.

While we can make jokes about this, we must recognize that all contact sports are, by nature, dangerous.  I don't think there is anything we do in life that is absolutely safe and I've always felt that the risks taken by football players were one of the major justifications for the huge salaries that they are paid and the high price of tickets that are collected by the team owners.  And let us not forget the money paid by TV networks to the NFL for broadcast rights.  (That it is a rugged sport is why I played football in high school as sort of a rite of passage into acceptance as a man.   I was just a country boy and my first helmet as a freshman was leather but did have a faceguard.  Times have changed) There are great concerns for the number of head injuries in football.  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as we know from our wounded military heroes, is something that can haunt someone their whole life or even shorten that life so it is encouraging that the NFL is looking for ways to protect the players.  But I ask you this:  If they make football as safe as being a bookkeeper (except if your Al Capone's bookkeeper), would you...will you...still watch it?

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